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5 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Makeup FLAWLESS for the Big Day.

April 12, 2019


It's 5 a.m. and your alarm is going off. You pop up out of bed with the excitement of a kindergardener on their first day of school. You're just so dang giddy! You didn't sleep a wink the night before, so rolling out of bed that early was a breeze. You head to the mirror, take a look and give yourself a pep talk.


"Hey boo. It's ya' wedding day. You got this." 


AHHH! Your wedding day! I remember that day like it was literally yesterday and all of those wedding jitters, all of the nerves, all of the's all so very real. You've spent years planning this one day. You've planned out the catering. You've booked the venue. You've had the dressed bought and paid for for months now. You have everything sitting on go and you're READY. Your bags are packed for the honeymoon (uh oh ;)..). You've got your girls by your side. You know exactly how you're going to have that gorgeous hair of yours fixed. 


Girl, I remember having every single detail, down to the actual time that I would walk down the aisle, planned out! It's the biggest day of your life. OF COURSE YOU HAVE IT ALL PLANNED. 


But, did you know that most brides think about everything but ONE thing when planning their wedding day? 



Yep. Most brides make one of the worst mistakes that you can make when planning their big day and that's this...


they do NOT plan out their MAKEUP.  I mean, think about it. A bride usually gets her hair and makeup done first thing in the morning so that she can be ready to start taking pictures as soon as she arrives to her venue, but she's choosing all the wrong types of makeup to wear through it all. Her makeup is on by 9 am and by the time of the I do's, it's all ran off her face from the sweating and the picture taking and the changing into her dress and the tears at the altar. Let's not even begin to think about what her makeup looks by the time she get's to all the hugging and mingling with her guests. UMMM. YIKES. 


No, babe. This cannot happen to you. I will absolutely not allow it! So, to avoid the runaway makeup look, here are 5 tips on how to keep that wedding makeup looking oh so fresh and clean for the morning, noon and night of THE biggest day of your life ;)



Above all, girl, this is a must. You know what's going to happen. You're going to see your man standing at the end of that wedding aisle and the floodgates are going to open. You're going to lose it when you see the love of your life crying back at you and the last thing you want is those sweet, pretty tears of yours melting away the black mascara on ya' lashes. Nope. My top pick is HERE. It's called Volume-intense Waterproof Mascara and it works to triple the boldness of your lashes while also holding in your look. So, now you can cry those happy tears without worrying about it running all over your face!  It's there for the long haul!



Because who's ever kissed their man with lipstick or gloss on and instantly seen his whole demeanor change as he disgustingly wipes it off his lips? UGH. Ha! It may be your wedding day, but I can guarantee that your man doesn't want pink lips as he turns to the crowd to show off his new bride. I can ALSO guarantee that if you use any lipstick other than THIS ONE RIGHT HERE, you're going to be bare lipped by the end of the night. There's no doubt in my mind. This lipstick that I've tagged above is one that lasts for up to 18 hours if you keep it coated with a particular gloss. Holla' at pretty lips that last through all the kisses during your big day!



Why? Because when you go to put that dress on, that darn powder eyeshadow is going to get all over your gorgeous white dress and girl. We just can't be having that now can we?! Instead, grab a product that I love called Shadowsense. It's an eyeshadow that goes on as a liquid creamy powder and is one that stays on for hours. I'm talking all day long, no matter how many wardrobe changes you have, no matter how many hugs you give. It's staying on and it's going to make your eyes pop throughout the entire night! They have AMAZING colors to choose from, too! Go look through my options HERE.



Get ready, boo, because some of your guests are going to be INTENSE huggers. They're going to want to give you big hugs as they see you looking so gorgeous in your beautiful dress with your hair done and makeup on point ;). For the love of all that's good though girl. PLEASE pick a foundation that's not going to rub off on people as you greet your guests. Most foundations have a huge oil base as their main ingredient and because of this, the foundation is going to slide right off during the hustle and bustle of your big day. Use THIS FOUNDATION as your wedding day must have instead. Trust me. It's a foundation that actually sticks. It's sweatproof. It's breakout proof. It's going to be exactly what you need to get you through the madness of the day.



It's an obvious fact that you're going to look gorgeous on your wedding day, but girl, you'll be glowing from head to toe when you add PEARLIZER to your foundation base. It's a shimmer that's just enough to seriously give you the most gorgeous and effortless glow. Pearlizer has the prettiest, most iridescent shimmer that's going to make you new hubby go NUTS over, too. The perfect icing to the the wedding cake that is. ;) 


If you want more suggestions on makeup that's wedding approved by yours truly, head HERE to see more color and skin care options!

Don't make the mistake that most brides make. PLAN YOUR WEDDING MAKEUP.



On your big day, you deserve to look flawless, babe...all day long. ;)














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