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When Mom Life Interruptions Get in the Way of our Plans...

March 1, 2019

So, funny story.


The other day I went to go do a live video over in my business group on Facebook. I was in legit mom mode that morning, you guys. I had zero makeup (and I sell makeup people...#momlife) and a huge crater zit had appeared on my chin that morning too, so I was looking FABULOUS for my live as you can imagine. I had like twenty minutes to share this product with my ladies and then I would be having to turn around and go get my daughter again from school. My youngest little boy was with me at home and all morning we had been running errands together.


My morning had been NON STOP. A typical morning for the life of any mama of toddlers and young kiddos. When are we not going ninety to nothing?! So, back to my live here. I go to hit play and as I begin talking about my morning, my target run and then my product (which is the bomb by the way - a night pak that gets rid of wrinkles), my son Baylor decides that he's going to start crawling up my chair and into my lap. It was HILARIOUS, because not only did he make it into my lap, but he started rubbing his precious little crumb filled face all over mine and then decided to begin making his way to straight up sitting on my head. 




I was rolling. I mean, mom life at it's finest. 


It was so inconvenient in that moment. I was attempting this live and here's my son wanting to crawl all over me and smear his crumbs all over my face, but can I share a secret with you, mama who's always dealing with "inconveniences" from your babies?


I am learning that these little years? They are flying by. 

And his little hugs? They are becoming bigger hugs as he grows.

And his sweet little smile? That sweet little smile isn't always going to be hanging out with mama in the mornings. He'll eventually become like big brother and sister. I'll eventually be dropping him off like the other two.


I am learning that what matters most is not the live, although I love seeing my customers. It's not the product, although I am convinced that this product WORKS. It's my babies that matter most. It's my calling to them and their precious little faces.


I am learning to cherish inconveniences...because really, those moments aren't inconveniences at all. They are beautiful little gifts sent to me straight from my amazing God. I want my little's to know that they are ALWAYS wanted in their mama's lap. No matter what. I want them to know that they are never inconveniences to me, but that they are my greatest little joy's! I challenge you, mama who's frustrated, ask God to give you a new perspective on your interruptions. He has so much He wants to show through your kids and if you're willing to see, I know he'll turn your frustration into uncontrollable laughs (as your toddler climbs all over you during a live ;)


Also, let me add that mama, it's OKAY to be a hot mess every now and then (or even every day...I mean, come on). You are MAMA and you are killing it, girl. It's okay to bust up into Target makeup less. It's okay to do a live with a big zit on your face (HA!). It's okay to love on your babies while you're working your business. It's not just okay. It's welcomed, because I think the problem with social media these days is that there are too many mama's out there trying to make people think they have it all together.




I'll be the first to let you know that I do NOT have it all together. I absolutely don't and if people are going to see me online, I want them to see that you can still be successful and confident and called and all the things...all while being one big hot mama mess. Thank you Lord for interruptions that remind me of just how GOOD you have been to me and thank you Lord for loving this big, hot mama mess over here. Thank you Lord for loving the mess!


"He gives the barren woman a home and makes her the joyous mother of children..." Psalms 113:9






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