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The Best Before and Afters for 2019!

January 9, 2019

 YAY FOR BEFORE AND AFTERS! ;) Don't we all just love a good before and after pic? People share all kinds of before and afters, most of them being centered around weight loss and how different they look after losing so many pounds, but I'm gonna drop right here some of my personal before and after faves that are a little out of the norm...


Majority of them, in fact, are completely centered around someone's SKIN before using a particular product and after using that same product...

So, why focus on someone's before and after for their face and not for their weight or body type?


Can I be honest here for a second with you? I feel like in today's culture, women are absolutely bombarded with pictures of how their bodies should look. We women are pretty much fed how we should appear to others based on all we swipe through in Instagram,right? We should wear those clothes. Have those lamps in our homes. Shop at these locations only. And fit into this size or else. 


I'm just over it. I really, really am ladies!

(4 months of using our Spot on Blemish and Acne Treatment) 


I want to give back something that brings you confidence, not because of the reflection staring back at you in the mirror and not because of your track record in keeping up with all of the social media influencers that you follow. This year, I want to push you to invest in yourself in a different kind of way. 


I want you to start taking care of YOURSELF. 

(Foundation: Mixed Deep Caramel+Suede MakeSenseContour: Truffle MakeSenseHighlight: PearlizerBrows: Garnet+Onyx mixed Blush: Copper Rose Shimmer+Pink Posey ShadowSense mixedEyes: Garnet, Pink Posey, Copper Rose Shimmer, Pink Frost (lid base), Sandstone Pearl Shimmer Lips: Cocoa (outside) + Plum Pretty LipSense (inside) ombre)


I mean, REALLY taking steps to investing in your skin and confidence like you've never done in the past, because we know that our bodies ladies are a temple of the Holy Spirit! We are living this life to please the One who created our life and if we're only living for a reflection of ourselves in the mirror, for a number on a scale, then girl, we're living a very unfulfilled life! I encourage you as you look through my top favorite before and after's from customers who have used Senegence product to look beneath the surface of the results that they got from what they used (because I'm going to be honest, our product really does work).


But even more than that, I want you to see the effort behind the result, because they saw themselves as valuable enough to do something that would be investing in their skin, in their face. And know this. Our makeup is not just makeup. When you see a woman wearing Senegence, what you can't see is the product actively working to replace damaged skin cells and bring to the surface the healthy skin that God intended for us to have! 


(Volume Intense Mascara)


Each of these women have taken the step to invest in themselves through investing in product that TAKES CARE OF YOU and I'm encouraging you, even challenging you, in this brand new the same. Take care of yourself as worship to your God, my sweet friend! 


You are fearfully and wonderfully made. And you deserve to be taken care of!


Here's to taking care of yourself BEYOND just your reflection in 2019! 








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