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The SECRET to avoiding the recession that's coming...

December 31, 2018




Word has it that in just 12 to 18 months, our country will experience yet another recession!! That word recession seems so scary when you hear it, because it ultimately means that life as you know it may have to come to screeching halt. No one ever knows what a recession may


bring with it or what you may have to go through financially because of it, but I know one thing...


I have found the secret to having a recession proof income!! 


Think about it. 


When people experience loss from a recession, they end up having to go without. They have to lay down all of the things that to them are probably luxuries. Nice cars. Going out to eat all the time. Expensive date nights. Even more expensive shopping sprees. All of the extras have to be laid down in an effort to save as much as possible while you walk through the uncertainty of not knowing what tomorrow may hold for you and your family...BUT...


what's the one thing a woman will absolutely not go without? 


The essentials. And what are the essentials?


Makeup and Hair Care Product. 


 Sure, she can go without fancy name brand clothes, but is she going to go bare faced to work every day? Ummmm my thoughts are NOPE. Women are going to continue spending money on the essentials for their makeup no matter if a recession comes or not. They're going to stick with the foundation that's changed their lives. They're going to spend the extra money on that mascara that's continually giving her confidence through the way her eyes stand out when she wears it. I mean, let's turn this whole thing around. 

Would YOU go without makeup? (I'm laughing as I type, because the thought of going without makeup makes me cringe..HA!)

I'm thinking you'd be willing to sacrifice a lot of things, but your makeup routine isn't one of them. 


So, yep. I've found the ticket in. I've found the secret to completely stepping over the recession when it hits and it's THIS BUSINESS. If you'd be unwilling to go without makeup, think about how many other women would refuse to go without it to?! 


Senegence is all that and more. 




Wear-off proof.

and....recession proof. ;)


This business/side hustle is one of the smartest ways to bring in income for your family when tough times hit. How would it make you feel to know you could pay for the groceries every month? Or what about the house payment? What about ALL of the bills? The possibilities are absolutely endless with this opportunity, so what are you waiting for?


My team's waiting on you. 




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