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Refreshing your spirit: What to do when you're carrying around a defeated spirit.

November 10, 2018



What do you do when your heart's deflated, defeated and discouraged, sweet friend?


Are you there today? Have you found yourself struggling this morning with a heart that's feeling a little distant from the One who created it? Are you on the verge of breaking down? Are you holding back tears as you read?


Are you walking in bitterness, brokenness or burnout?


If so, then pull up a seat. You're in good company because the girl typing these words? She's been where you are.



I get it and I've so been there, more times than I can count. I've been at the place of wanting to break down over feeling stretched too thin. I've been through seasons where my heart feels broken over insecurities that creep up as I look around and see others thriving. There's nothing worse for a woman than to feel as if her spirit is about to give out on her. 


And that's really the bottom line. 

It's our spirit that controls the direction of our hearts. Bitterness, brokenness, defeat, discouragement, insecurities. All of the emotions that you are carrying are determined by the condition of your spirit and the Lord is asking you this morning...


What kind of condition is your spirit, my friend?


"Examine yourselves to see if you are in the faith. Test yourselves, or do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in you?, unless of course you fail to meet the test..." 2 Corinthians 13:5 


When you find your heart walking through a season of weariness, ask yourself where your eyes are focused. What are the things you're thinking on? What's got your heart so overwhelmed? Could it be that your eyes are focused inward instead of upward? The word reminds us to "Worry about nothing and pray about everything." Philippians 4:6. Other versions read to "be ANXIOUS about NOTHING." So, the truth of your spirit is this. If you're here, if you're anxious, if you're dealing with an extremely OVERWHELMED spirit...



It's time to change what your FEEDING yourself. 


Your spirit is underwhelmed by the Lord, overwhelmed by the world and we need to change that.


" Whatever is true, whatever it right, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, whatever is admirable, whatever is lovely, whatever is excellent or praiseworthy, thing on these things and peace of God will be with you." Philippians 4:8


Change what's coming into your ears. This is one way to feed that empty spirit of yours. 


Put on worship music. In your car. In your home. While you're at the gym. While you're taking a shower. 

In everything you do, have it playing in the background. There's just something so moving about powerful Holy Spirit worship! I have physically watched myself go from a spirit of hopelessness to empowerment from taking the time to re-align my spirit with even just one worship song! God loves moving the heart of His daughters. He loves refilling us when we are empty. He loves giving us purpose, reminding us of who we are and re-centering our FOCUS through His power displayed in Jesus centered worship. 


That's the heart of the Lord. 




And if you need to crawl up in his lap, if you need to draw closer to him, if you need to have your spirit refreshed, THAT is the key. It changes your perspective. It changes your vision. It changes your motives from self focused to kingdom focused...


And girl, that's enough to give you a brand new start for the same ole season. 


This month? Try me. Challenge what I've said today and see for yourself if your spirit doesn't transform into one that is so confident, so powerful, so purposed in the Lord. Your atmosphere is being filled with something. Maybe it's time to let that something be worship, instead of gossip. Worship instead of envy. Worship instead of a pity party. Worship instead of a spirit focused on self. 


Start here. This song is what the Lord has used to start reviving my OWN spirit.  



Start dreaming again, sweet woman who's broken. Tell your spirit today that no matter what you're walking through,  HE is not done with you.


He's waiting. Waiting to refresh and renew that overwhelmed spirit of yours. Waiting to help you find power to push through and dream, yet again. 














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