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6 Things to Obsess over this F A L L.

August 19, 2018

Is anyone having the hardest time believing that we are almost completely through the summer season, yet?! I mean...




And I don't know about you, but there is something so exciting about knowing that the season of fall is literally just around the corner. Fall brings so many of my favorite things, so many things that somehow take me back to simpler days, to days of when we would spend hours outside in the evenings with family after dinner time, to days when eating a fresh, crisp apple would be a highlight, to days when the sun stayed out longer and the mornings seemed to give you an excuse to linger. 


So, to get you as excited as I am, here's a peek into the 6 things that I always look forward to the most in the fall season. 


Fall's the season that opens up it's arms and welcomes all things pumpkin flavored! So, get your wallets ready, because for all of us Starbucks regulars, PSL everything is on it's way. (That's Pumpkin Spice Latte for those who are inexperienced ;). 


Fall brings the most amazing weather, including the most amazing morning time breeze. There's just something about waking up a little easier in the fall mornings because of how amazing the air feels. This fall, take the time to step outside, even if for just a second, in the mornings. That fresh air does wonders for your heart, girl, or at least it does mine ;)


Think about it you guys. The fall season brings with it THE most amazing holidays - you got Halloween and then Thanksgiving and then all of that leads to CHRISTMAS. It only gets better as the holidays go on. Fall has the BEST holidays, so get your decor ready! Your house is about to get crazy festive!


So I get it. Not all of you are die hard football fans, but who isn't a fan of all the tailgating before hand, I mean right?! Because with the tailgating comes the cheese dip, the queso, the bacon wrapped everything, the GOOD STUFF. HOLLAH at football season!!



5 I can guarantee you that the peak of Pinterest searching is smack dab in the middle of fall. I mean let's think about it. You've got this amazing cool weather in ya right hand and what do you want in your left? Well, nothing but some good ole never failing coma inducing comfort food, that's what. Go ahead and plan out your dinners for the fall season. Carve out an hour of your time and make a Pinterest Comfort Food Board, including everything from the cheesiest of dips to the most of amazing of soups. 



There is absolutely no competition when it comes to which season wins the award for having the best fashion options. Cooler weather means oversized sweaters, cardigans, ankle boots, skinny jeans, oversized scarves and toboggans. It's the season of rocking a big scarf with a big messy bun. In this season ladies, it just WORKS. Start looking now for looks, styles and outfits that you'll want to wear when cooler weather hits. You can make such an impression with the simplest look.


Okay, so now that I'm officially PUMPED about fall almost being here, what would you add to the list? 


What excites you most about the fall season? 




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