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How to Change your Makeup Look Instantly.

July 13, 2018


Hey girl. I see you over there. Desperate for a change with your look. Specifically, with your makeup look. 


 You've totally found yourself using the same color every single day or even worse, you've found yourself not using any color at ALL and resorting to chapstick or some random branded lip gloss. Oh girl. This just can't happen ;) We've gotta get help you get back on your feet first of all. And then, we've gotta get you paired with a few different colors that are going to have you stepping into your day with a little more (or a lot) more confidence.


That's the fabulous thing about Lipsense, my friends. When you're in a lip look rut and feel like your look has slowly over time turned drabby, there are always colors out there that you could bring into your life to give you a completely different look. Here are a few tips I might suggest for the girl reading this wondering if you may be the one who needs a lip lift:


If you're looking for an instant change in your look...


1. Be brave and dare to choose a color you've NEVER worn before.

This would be a color that's completely out of the shade family that you're used to wearing. Maybe you've only always worn neutrals and beige's. Have you ever ventured into a bold red? Or what about a peachy coral? You might find yourself so surprised by how amazing and different a new color will make you feel. Happy shopping! Go browse through all of our colors right here on my site and dare to be bold in stepping away from what you've always worn!



2. Add a different gloss to your shade. 

You'd be AMAZED at how just by simply changing your gloss choice your entire lip look changes as well. Have you always stuck with a flat gloss? What if you actually ventured into a gloss with a little bit of shine in it? Maybe one like our Diamond Kiss gloss that actually has tiny specks of diamond shine right there in the mix? Adding something like that to a color you've always worn is going to give it a completely different look, so maybe it's not necessarily the color itself that's causing the rut, but the absence of the right kind of gloss paired with it.


3. Try making a lip baby!

Okay, so this is just straight up FUN. Have you looked through our colors to find that you can't narrow down which ones you like best?Get crazy girl and stat experimenting. Grab two or three of your favorite colors and layer them on top of your lips together to form a brand new shade! Who might just find the shade for you by stepping out and making a brand new lip baby.


There is hope for you, girl who's desperately wanting a change. Be sure to take care of your lips too by exfoliating them weekly and keeping our Lipsense moisturizing Lip Balm coating your lips while you're at home and bare lipped. Keep those gorgeous things protected and moisturized during your in between lip color wear. For real though, I challenge you to step out and go different in your color! Wear something you've never worn before, be it a shade or a different type of gloss OR even go the extra mile to make a lip baby and I can assure you, your stressful lip rut days are OVER






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