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3 Reasons why I think you'd make an amazing Entrepreneur.

July 13, 2018


Are you feeling like you're needing a change in your life? Maybe a new vision over your career path or your dreams and goals? 


Stepping out into becoming my very own Senegence Distributor has by far been one of the greatest career decisions of my LIFE. I don't exaggerate people. I have watched myself grow and develop into this person that I honestly didn't even know could exist. And if I've soaked up anything while on this journey, it's this:


Stepping out is necessary to growing into your full potential. Stepping out is what brings challenges and pressures that you actually so often HEALTHY for you in your growth as a girl boss and even just as a woman in and of itself. So, here are five reason why I absolutely 100% think you would be amazing as a Senegence Distributor. Like, as in, I have NO DOUBT that you could step out too, just like I did, and rock this business. I see you rollin' those eyes and I get it. I was a skeptic too, girl. But if you'll just hang with me for a second, I can promise you that you might find something in yourself as well that you too didn't realize could exist.




Yes mam' you do. Even if you're not the "go getter" type, what I've learned in this is that you don't have to be that cookie cutter sales girl to be stretched in this business. When you decide to push yourself and to challenge yourself to meet goals and to do so by stepping out of your comfort zone, you begin thriving on that challenge. You will start finding joy and excitement over seeing even the smallest victories in your life and I don't know about you, but it's healthy for us women to see victories, to see accomplishments, to see goals met. It brings something out in us, a boldness and a confidence, that's indescribable. You need a challenge in your life and this could seriously be it. 




You don't even realize what you're capable of. You see all of these other women reaching their dreams, going on earned rewards trips, making quotas, thriving financially and making things happen for themselves - and every time you scroll through their pictures, a little more bitterness is added to your heart. Not because you have anything against them, but because you immediately see yourself as failing in any area like that. Girl, you have a warped mindset and untapped potential!! You CAN do this. You CAN be successful like all of the others you see. You DO have it in you to accomplish great things, girl, and for too long you've let the enemy rob you of that truth. It's time to tap in to that UNTAPPED potential. 




You may THINK that this one is not true about your life. You may THINK that you really don't have that many connections, but answer these questions for me. How many friends do you currently have on facebook? (Like, seriously go look at the number and come back here). How many relatives do you have that you're in good standing with? How many coworkers do you have? How many people work at your bank? How many people do you see in the grocery store when you go for your weekly visit? How many followers do you have on Instagram or if you do Twitter, then Twitter?


Ya see? If you get out of your house EVER or if you have ANY social media accounts...then you DO have connections and that's a starting point for this business. You already have an audience girl. Your don't have to go door knocking. They're all right there, in your daily life. That right there is a sure sign to me that you'd be amazing as a distributor because you've already got people in your life who would rally around you and at least hear what you have to say. Boom. Just like that.


These are only the tip the iceburg when it comes to all of the reasons I just KNOW you would be be absolutely amazing at this. You may struggle with the confidence side of stepping out, so let me be your voice. Let me help you with that unbelief girl, because I see so much in you that will only ever radiate if you're challenged out of your comfort zone. And I honestly think this could be it for you. 


This could be your breakthrough!






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