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Product Highlight of the Week: Creating Different Looks with your Shadowsense

July 7, 2018


Shadowsense is my absolute FAVORITE to play around with. 


First of all, it's eyshadow that comes in a tube like our Lipsense, so the application is crazy easy. No powdery mess anymore people. With three kiddos, I just don't have time for worrying about reapplying powdered eyeshadow and with this product, I can know that once it goes on, it's there to stay for a good while. It actually comes in a creamy and thicker liquid, so you use a wand to put it on and blend it in with other colors. 


So question: Would you consider yourself pretty basic when it comes to your eye look? How long have you been rocking the same ole neutral eyeshadow? Years maybe? Yeah. Before Shadowsense, I wasn't the girl who branched out in my eye color (or really, any other color for that matter). It just didn't happen because honestly, I didn't know that there could be any other look than just your average neutral look. And don't get me wrong, not knocking the neutrals...but today I'm going to show you how even Shadowsense steps up the neutral game. There are some GORGEOUS looks that you can create in literally a minute or less. 


In order to really give yourself some options with your shadowsense though, I encourage you to stock up (on your favorites at least). Although yeah, one Shadowsense shade will vamp up your eye game, having at least two different shades blended in together is what's really going to bring a difference to the look I know you'd love to have. 


Check out these 7 gorgeous eye looks and pick and choose your favorites! THIS WEEK ONLY, I'M HAVING A FLASH SALE FOR ALL SHADOWSENSE! 15% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING ON ANY ORDER THAT INCLUDES ONE OF OUR SHADOWSENSE COLORS! What better time to start your Christmas shopping then right now, right?!



For a more neutral and natural look:


 For a BOLD and bronzed look:

 For a fun and funky look:


 For the smoky eye look:



Are you not super excited to try all of these different looks? Don't forget to apply your shadowsense starting at the bottom corner of your eye. From there, work the color outward, up and out towards your eyebrow. And BLEND! 


I better be getting a selfie from you after you attempt one of these looks! I have no doubt that you're going to look FAB. ;) 


Shop my Shadowsense by clicking HERE!





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