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How I Made Back My Initial Business Investment Overnight.

July 7, 2018



I remember the day that God put a desire in my heart to run my own business. It was this crazy wild entrepreneur spirit that birthed in me during a period of my life where I was desperately seeking out my purpose in life, my purpose for the Lord. I honestly can't tell you if this business woman was birthed out of a longing to be at home with her babies more, out of a desire to get out of the corporate world or out of desperation to be free from the financial chains that seemed to hold my family down, but I knew one thing.


I was meant to lead. I was meant to be my own boss. 


The question was (at the time) in the world am I going to be able to afford starting up a business when we were all so strapped for money at the time? I mean, that's what was inspiring me to want to grab my own dreams and take control of my finances in the first place, and I knew how much it took to run a business. 


Secret: IT AIN'T CHEAP. 


I knew this before stepping into Senegence, because 11 years prior I had actually started up another business of my own. I knew exactly what it took to run something on your own and I was more than willing to invest in something that my heart believed in. It's crazy how you will begin brainstorming ways to earn a buck when you find yourself in a place that longs to do something wild and crazy, like become your own boss. The Lord opened a door for me to step into a company called Senegence, an incredible makeup and skin care line, and  the starter cost was $55 bucks (if you wanted to start out with some product on hand, which was highly recommended). 


You guys. We were nickeling and diming every penny and I knew that if the Lord was calling me to step out like this, then He was going to have to provide in His own way, because I felt I had nothing extra to throw into my starter business. 


Well, one thing I've learned through this. When you ask the Lord to provide, He may just provide what you need through giving YOU wisdom to do things you wouldn't have thought of before. What you need may not be handed to you up front in the form of the thing you're needing. Instead, what may be handed to you is WISDOM in how to make what you're needing happen in your life. 


Have I lost you yet?


After waiting and waiting for a check to fall out of the sky, I decided that maybe the Lord was leading me in a different direction. Maybe I should attempt to get out of the boat a bit and find ways to rake in some extra cash. And that's exactly what I did. In fact, Senegence offers some amazing opportunities to earn your initial investment back (and then some). When I put my efforts out there before Him, He blessed. Like big time. 


And so, here's what I did that opened the door to me making back everything I invested initially into the startup of my business. If I can do it, I have no doubt that girl, you can do it too. A business takes sacrifice, so let's see what we can sacrifice to make it happen. 


1. Host a Party and Pre-sell Product!

So, I invested up front $55 bucks into my business with Senegence and right after that, I turned around and signed up to host my own party through FACEBOOK. No one had to show up to my house. No one was messing up the kiddos nap times. No one was having to be inconvenienced. They all simply showed up online to support my new business and right out of the gate, I sold $2,200 dollars worth of product! Not only did I make my investment BACK, but I made a whole lot of extra that I got to throw BACK into my business by ordering my product to have on hand for my new clients (investing smart here is KEY, people!)


2. Cut the extras. 

What luxuries are you living with right now that you could easily go without? Well, maybe not easily, but with some self discipline and sacrifice, you could find ways to adjust? For me, I realized that my random Chick Fil A and Starbucks Runs were slowly adding up over time. Was I running through the drive thru every day? But still, that stuff adds up and if I was going to get serious about investing into my business, I would need to get serious about making sacrifices for it. Other extras to think about cutting? Leisure activities, going out to eat, CABLE, little monthly expenses like itunes and other app fees, getting those mani's and pedi's, you know...cutting out all the fun stuff. HA! Trust me though. It'll be so worth it in the end. 


3. Collect Orders from friends and family. 

You have no idea just how many people would more than likely buy from you simply because it's YOU selling the product. People who love you, people who look up to you, people who trust and believe in you are going to invest in you because of the kind of woman you are and that says SO MUCH about you girl! While you're out running errands, always keep on hand order forms and business cards to hand out and know that everywhere you go holds the potential to make a sale. Don't believe me? Hmmm...well, let's unpack this for a minute. 


Do you ever go to your bank and chat with your bank teller? 

Do you ever go grocery shopping and chat with the lady bagging your oreos? (Oh please, we all know you sneak those in the buggy ;)...)

Do you ever go get your nails done by the gal who always gives you the best conversation?

Do you ever go visit your grandma? Ya know, the one who loves you to absolute death and sends you home with twenty million kisses? 

Do you ever go visit friends over lunch? 


I think you get the point. There are people ALL around you who would love to support you and who honestly would love to benefit from the product you're selling. Don't just sell the product, girl. Show people that what they're really investing in is the face in front of the product. YOU.


These were all things that I attempted to do and girl, my business gained me ZERO DEBT. I truly believe that where there's a will, there's a way and girl, you can make yourself a way and when you do, lay it before the Lord and ask Him to put His hand on those efforts. You're going to be amazed at all He provides for you when you step out and put just a little effort behind your start up business. 


You got this. 





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