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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summertime with your Babies!

July 2, 2018


It's summertime and I am LOVING all of this extra time with my babies! For the mama who's at home with their kiddos this summer or even for the mama who gets to spend the fun summer weeknights and weekends with your littles, I have decided one thing that I think you may agree with:



I REFUSE to let this summer go by without making the most of my time with them. I don't want to waste a second and I know that if I'm not super intentional from the start, that I'll end up doing things I'll regret later. I don't want my kids to sit in front of the tv or their ipad or mamas iphone all summer long. Ummmmmm no. I want to be the mama who makes amazing memories with her babies, who starts traditions, who gets out of the house, who gets creative. 


I want to be the mother who gives them so many sweet memories to look back on and continue on with their OWN babies as they get older (but let's not talk about that right now - I don't plan on crying today ;)


Here are a few fun ways to make the most of your summertime with your babies!


1.  Start a New Tradition. 

Kids LOVE looking forward to things with their awesome mamas and we get the beautiful privilege of introducing brand new traditions that they will carry throughout their sweet little lives! Such a high calling mamas, so choose wisely! Start a movie and pajama night once a week. Bake cookies and deliver them out the neighbors as a fun little gift. Take a weekend road trip maybe once a month.


2. Put Down the Phone.


Because let's be honest, how often do we spend our time mindlessly scrolling through everyone else's lives while our kids are right in front of us? I don't want to be that mom this summer. I want to be all there with my kids when I'm in the room with them. I want them to remember me fully investing myself in them with all of my heart and if they are always seeing mama glued to her phone, what does that say about me to them? This summer I'm choosing to be ALL there with them and am putting my phone down more than ever before. It's my freedom to get to be in in their lives and I'm not gonna waste it.


3. Get Creative Around the House. 

Who says you have to go anywhere to have an amazing day with your littles? Find fun and creative things to do around the house that gets your babies so excited about staying home! Build a fort in the living room. Play hide and go seek in the dark. Have a tent and campfire inside (without the fire of course ;). Have a picnic on the floor. Make a fun new summer drink with your babies (I have started doing this and am in LOVE! The kids are loving it too!)


How are YOU spending your summer with your littles? 






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