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To the Woman who's Always Scrolling...

June 25, 2018




So is it just me or does our entire culture live and breathe with the help of their phones now days?


Call me old school but you guys...who remembers the days when flip phones and nextels where the thing? When a cell phone literally had the game snake on it and if you texted too many times, you'd get cut off? For that matter, who remembers when cell phones were non existent and you actually knew how to have awesome conversations with others because that's ALL you had? 


Now it's almost as if people are so glued to their phones that they barely have time to chat with you without checking their little screen every five seconds. Did someone call me? Do I have a new text? What's going on in Instagram? The constant nagging of that little phone never seems to end - am I right?


As true as all of this is though...I do see such beauty in having the easy access that we do to the world now. I mean, I get it. I see both sides. On the one hand, social media has given me such an opportunity to connect with women that I wouldn't have been able to because of distance before. As crazy as our lives all are, I love getting to see pictures of friends and family shared to Facebook. I love getting to smile through the endless fun conversation in Facebook Messenger. I love having my instagram to share with the world all about my travels, my likes, my dislikes and my world. And I love getting to see YOURS. I love social media for so many reasons, but I also have a genuine dislike for it too. 


If you're not careful, I can literally fall into the black hole of all things social media. 

You can find yourself neglecting those around you, those in real life, those face to face with you. 

You can find yourself falling into constant comparison over other women's success, over other people thing's. Vacations. Houses. Cars. Finances. Social Lives. Body Imagine. Hair. Clothes. All of it. 

You can find yourself robbed of every ounce of joy if you let yourself go there, if you choose to not walk through social media so protected, so guarded.


I know for a fact that my business wouldn't be what it is today without the beauty that is social media, without those amazing connections that are possible because of it, but all the more reason for me to walk so cautious of the whole thing.

Because I don't want to sacrifice my family on the altar of connections. Because I don't want to sacrifice my relationship with my God, with my husband or even with my friends on the altar of business through social media, on the altar of my phone. 


I want to walk so content in the Lord and in the life He's given me, and in order for me to do that, I've got to walk aware, I've got to walk balanced, I've got to walk with my phone on silent sometimes, with my do not disturb flipped on every now and then, and with my Instagram app sometimes far, far away. 


To the woman who's always scrolling, maybe it's time to take a step back and reclaim what's most important to you. Maybe it's time to put the phone down and pick your babies up. Maybe it's time to bring some structure to that business of yours, to that dream of yours and give yourself some time each day to have that phone in hand, but to give yourself even more time to have the things and the ONES who matter most to you in them instead.


Walk carefully and cautiously, sweet friend. 


Your joy depends on it. 






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