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How I Earned a Trip to Disney.

June 22, 2018


The shirts have been made. 

The bags have been packed.

The to do list has been done.


This girl is heading out on a jet plane.


I'm going to DISNEY! 


I'm not a Disney junkie, so this trip is going to be so very brand new for me! Getting to go with my entire family, my babies and all, is going to be hands down the most amazing trip ever. And knowing that it's because of hard work that I'm getting to take them...almost brings tears to my eyes, because that's exactly what it's been. 


Hard, hard work.


Hard work that I've come so close so many times to quitting on. Hard work where I've gotten no's over and over again. Hard work where I've had to pick myself up after seeing no results, dust myself off after watching stock sit on the shelves, and try, try again when my heart wanted to give it all up.


Oh the journey of being your own boss. The high highs and the low lows. 



To be honest, this is actually how I earned my trip. It was me learning over time how to work past my emotions and feelings, because anyone in this business or another knows that there are going to be days where you feel like you're winning and there will be days where you feel like you're doing anything but. To the woman out there who wants to take her own family to Disney, to the woman out there who wants to make it in your business, to the woman out there who's on the verge of giving up...can I plead with you for a second?




I know you don't see yourself the way everyone else does. I know you don't see yourself as a boss babe who's kicking butt and taking names. You don't see yourself as a role model, as someone leaving a legacy for your babies, as someone who's impacting and inspiring those around you, but trust me...that's exactly who you are and that's exactly what you're doing.


People are watching to see if you'll give up. 


People are watching to see if you really do believe in your product.


And people are watching to see if you really do believe in YOURSELF. 


THIS is how I earned Disney for my family. 


"Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness, you who seek the Lord, look to the rock from which you were born, and to the well from which you were dug. Look to Abraham your Father and to Sarah who bore you, for he was but one when I called him, that I might bless him and multiply him...." Isaiah 51: 1-2


The Lord's desire for YOU is to see your heart multiplied. It's to see His beautiful spirit in you replicated over and over again. It's to see you seek after His will for your life no matter what the circumstances around you looks like. It's to give you more of himself as you pursue him in the midst of a weary spirit. 



Is your spirit weary this morning in your business? Don't give up, my sweet friend. You could very well be on the edge of a breakthrough. I think it's allowing the Lord to stretch you, to pull you, to expand your borders, to shape you and create beautiful perseverance in that heart of yours that's the key to bringing breakthroughs like trips to Disney, like income for your family, like success beyond your own capability. It's all Him. 


Does He have your business, pretty girl or are you wanting to give up right about now? 


As I load up the car to head to the most magical place on earth, let me plead with you. 


Don't give up now. 

Keep going.

Keep pursuing.

And give it all to the Lord.


Breakthrough is coming...and so is beautiful blessings (in the shape of mickey ears ;).






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