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Product Highlight of the Week: Lip Volumizer!

June 6, 2018


What is it about having big, smoochable, kissable lips that gives a woman so much confidence? Like seriously. Think about it. You KNOW you're way more confident when you have lipstick on and when you feel like your lips are just THERE, ya know? As crazy as it that that's a confidence booster, we all can't deny that it is for why not jump on the band wagon with our Senederm Solutions Lip Volumizer? 

I've seen things in the past come out from different brands - Victoria Secret being one, Kylie Jenner being another - where they give you this product that's supposed to make your lips bigger instantly. Did you ever use that stuff? All I remember from it is feeling like my lips were burning from the inside out, like something was definitely not right , like this was probably not good for my skin or my lips. But of course, everyone seemed to push through the pain of it, because those lip plumping glosses and what not sold like crazy.




Yeah, that's NOT what I'm sharing about today and that's why I love SeneGence. You're guaranteed a product that's going to be amazing for your skin, that's going to be hydrating and beneficial to those lips of yours in a million different ways. Our Lip Volumizer will increase your lip volume and moisture WITHOUT giving you a chemical reaction or that awful burning sensation. The product is safe for women with sensitive skin and has no irritants within the ingredients that are going to drive you crazy.


With just one month of using it daily, you're going to see a lip volume increase of  20% and a moisture increase of 50%!!


You guys. That is a LOT of result.


Our product works from the INSIDE OUT, not the OUTSIDE IN, so you're not going to experience that awful burning or tingly feeling with our lip volumizer like we all know you did with everything else you've tried. It's safe for those pretty lips of yours and even works to protect them from aging and outside sun exposure. 


So what's in it?


The ingredients are all very natural and work to help build collagen production. You've got a mix of castor seed oil, shea butter Algae extract and Orchid extract that together work to give your lips the biggest plump while coating them with layers of protection. 


So, who's ready to see their own results? I know I've seen them for myself - I dare you to step out and try something new! You'll be shocked at just how much more confident a pouty lip with a gorgeous color can give you ;)


Shop here to order your Lip Volumizer today!







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