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Your Essentials for the Perfect LAZY WEEKEND.

June 1, 2018


Have you ever just needed a lazy weekend?

The kind of weekend where you have no plans and sort of make them up as you go? A weekend filled with laid back brunch dates with friends, Netflix binges, Ben n Jerry’s, and comfy pj’s? Sometimes a long week requires one of these weekends and I don’t know what this week has brought you, but I know that even if your lazy weekend is not this weekend, that one day you’re going to need one designated for this. Designated for naps and lounging around all while reading a good book and eating junk food.


WE ALL NEED THESE WEEKENDS and honestly, they are so much fun if you purposely put them on the calendar! Girl, take advantage of the weekend and invite your friends to be apart of it too.


For your lazy weekend, here are a few ESSENTIAL LAZY MUST HAVES to ensure that your weekend is going to be the BEST ONE EVER.


I’m not talking about the ones hidden deep in your drawer that never see daylight. I’m talking those pajama pants that could actually double for being pants you could get away with wearing out in public. Who knows if you’re gonna need to run to Walmart to grab another redbox or another tub of icecream?! Girl, you gotta be ready!




Because what’s a girl’s lazy weekend without product to give yourself a cooling and refreshing facial mask? Just call it your own personal spa day. Our Senederm mask is about of Senegence’s incredible body line and works overtime to hydrate your face while bringing out all of those toxic chemicals that your skin has come in contact with the whole week prior! Aside from smelling like you’re at the beach when you close your eyes with this mask on (thanks to the sea kelp that’s infused into the mask), you’ll be feeling smoother skin after you use this bad boy! What better way to enjoy a lazy weekend? 


Click here to go ahead and order yours before 5 o'clock actually hits!


A few of the classics: Sweet Home Alabama and Maid in Manhattan. My faves. 

I’m not sure what movies you lean more towards, but girl, make sure you have a stack to choose from this weekend! This is all about resting up after a long and busy week, so feel no shame for piling up and enjoying some major chick flicking.


Not because you’re actually planning on going out, but because you don’t want to walk around the house feeling naked, right? Or am I the only one who feels that way when I’m missing my Lipsense?! Just in case you DO decide to go grab lunch or run to the nail salon (which you TOTALLY should…only if you invite me to go along with you!), you’ll already be lip set with your color that lasts all day long! Bella would hands down be my neutral pick if I were choosing a color. You just can't go wrong with Bella. It's a gorgeous mauve color that gives you such a pretty natural look. Perfect for a lazy weekend. 








 You think I’m kidding, don’t you?  Girl I'm so not. My jam is Cold Stone's Banana Cream Pie Icecream. Holy cow it's the BOMB. It's banana ice cream mixed with pie crust and whip cream. Seriously, the closest thing to heaven on this earth and my hubs knows the way to my heart when he comes home on the weekends asking if I want to run by Coldstone. Regardless of whatever kind of icecream your favorite is, just make sure it's there for ya during your lazy weekend. It just makes everything better, am I right? 


So there you have it. My list of essentials for a much needed, well-executed lazy weekend.  Give yourself a break every now and then, sweet friend! You deserve it. Now, go grab your essentials and make sure you get with me on your mask and lip color!


Click here to order NOW. 




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