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Product Highlight of the Week: Why Exfoliate?

May 30, 2018


Do you remember when not very long ago there was this huge rave going around on facebook over those charcoal black facial masks?

You know, the ones that dried to your skin and then had to be peeled off piece by piece? The ones where people were recording themselves doing it because of how horribly painful it was to take that darn thing off their face? I can't imagine how horrible that felt then for them, but honestly, for the people on the other side of the screen, it was hilarious!  Like, who would put that kind of black tar on their face and then record themselves in pain taking it off? SMH (that's shake my head for those who are clueless - HA!). If you have

no idea what I'm talking about, let me help you out. It's horrible so you might not be able to make it through the whole thing without either cringing to death or laughing histerically. AHH!



People are going to these types of masks as a way to remove dirt from their pores and to brings some kind of promised exfoliation that never comes. I mean, no one in their right mind would want to endure that kind of pain for exfoliation. NOT WORTH IT SISTER.


Well, after seeing all the craze over these ridiculous black masks, I praised GOD for my black exfoliating mask that doesn't peel my face off with it when I use it (seriously though!) Senegence has created what's called their Senederm Facial Resurfacer that works a thousand times better than all of those horrible other masks because instead of drying to your skin, it works and does the exfoliating while you scrub your face with it.


Question: When was the last time you exfoliated your face? 


If it took you longer than 10 seconds to answer that, then odds are you don't exfoliate very often.


Question: Why is it so important that you exfoliate your skin? 



As your skin goes through your day in and day out exposure to your surroundings, you can't see this, but you begin dirt build up that actually soaks down into your pores. This leaves your skin without that natural glow, looking dull and oily. Along with dirt build up, your skin naturally goes through the process of cell break downs night after night. Your exposure to the outside world leaves skin cell damage that you will begin to see as time passes (hence, the aging process) and when you choose to exfoliate weekly, you are partnering with your skin to slow that process down and help replenish old damage. 


Our Senederm Facial Resurfacer contains large grains of vanuatu volcanic ash that scrubs out the clogged pores and acts as a buffer to


remove your skin of those dull, lingering dead skin cells while in the process bringing back that soft, baby feel to your skin. Exfoliating also brings back your glow - that gorgeous, radiant glow that's being hidden by all of the unwanted damage (in which has occurred over long periods of time). 


// Other extras the facial resurfacer contains in it are: Nangai Oil for hydration, Walnut Shell for anti-inflammatory and Blue Seaweed Extract for hydrating, tightening and toning! //


Are you taking care of your face, sweet friend? It's so important for you to feel confident in that skin of yours and if you don't, maybe it's because you're missing out on some much needed exfoliation. Invest in yourself for a change. I see how hard you invest in everyone else. Now it's time to invest in yourself. You deserve to look on the outside as gorgeous as you are on the inside. 

Purchase your very own Senederm Facial Resurfacer today for only $50 and start using it ASAP to see quick results that are going to leave you speechless! Just check out these results from only a few months of using the product. It works to bring a brand new freshness to your skin - to tone, to hydrate, to cleanse and to exfoliate to the surface that gorgeous glow that's hiding underneath layers of skin that's needing a good cleaning!








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