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3 Steps to Thriving instead of just Surviving.

May 21, 2018


This past weekend wasn't much different from any other. Most of my weekends in fact typically look about the same. Saturday rolls around and my kiddos are as usual running into my room before my alarm clock goes off (but really, who sets an alarm for the weekends?). The day gets going, pancakes are whipped up if mama's feeling good (otherwise, it's poptarts alamode) and the rest of the weekend is spent running around with my sweet babies and my man...enjoying life and enjoying each other. 


But how come it's usually on the weekends that my time with the Lord seems to lag? I'm clocking in Monday through Friday as my own boss, getting things done, crossing off tasks on the agenda and am always looking for a way to get some serious time in with the Lord. But when Saturday hits, it's almost like my mindset goes to vacation mode. RELAX. KICK UP YOUR FEET. DO NOTHING. And before I know it, the whole weekend has gone by without me so much as cracking open my word. How does that happen?! It's one thing to rest. We ALL need that, but it's another thing to take a hiatus from God's word - THAT'S WHERE MY REST COMES FROM!


Life goes by fast, you guys, and it's the Lord's will for us to THRIVE, not just SURVIVE through the week and even the weekend. This life isn't about us at all. It's about HIM and getting to live life THROUGH Him and FOR Him. He takes such delight in us when we take delight in Him...and I don't know about you, but I don't want to miss the Lord and all that He has for me. I don't want to take "vacations" from spending time with Him, because without Him, is it really a vacation anyways? He's the purpose in the passion. He's the joy in the average. He's the love in the hard and I want Him every bit apart of my life and what I do, day in and day out. 


So, where do we start, sweet friend? Where do we start when it comes to wanting to thrive and not just survive in life? With the Lord? 


1. Change your Mindset.

Spending time with the Lord is not something you cross off of your endless to do list. Spending time with the Lord is something that's such a sweet and beautiful privilege for you and I. It's the sun to a cloudy day. It's the icing to the cake. It's the flowers in the vase that you've got sitting on your kitchen table. Getting to sit down with the Lord each day is a precious gift. We get the opportunity to meet with the Creator of the Universe. We get to sit with Him, talk with Him, soak Him up. It's not a chore and if that's where our minds go, than let's together ask the Lord to change our mindset to look more like His. Remember, "who can know the mind of the Lord...for from Him and through Him and for Him are all things." Romans 11: 34-36.


2. Start with Small. 

Don't try to become this biblical theologian in one week. Don't set those expectations of getting to spend two hours with Him every morning before sunrise if you know that that's literally and physically not in the least bit possible. Just start small. God's not waiting on us to screw up in this area. He's not angry at us if all we have is 10 minutes to start out with. Are you kidding?! God delights in us coming to Him period and He's going to make the most out of the time given. But we have to give Him SOMETHING. So, start out with just ten minutes. Get alone. Tell Him good morning. Start in Proverbs. Did you know that there are 31 books in Proverbs? Pretty convenient to have something to read every day for the whole month. Don't make it unattainable for you. Just start spending time with Him and start out small. 


3. Just Do Life with Him.

The Lord doesn't want dead religion. He doesn't just want our Sundays. He doesn't just want prayers at meal times. He wants it ALL. He wants to just do life with us. Or more so, He wants US to do life with Him. He wants our hearts, a real time relationship. He wants the good, the bad, the ugly. He's obsessed with us, you guys. The Creator of the Universe. Obsessed with US. He loves us and wants to be involved in every area. Are you having to make a big decision? Talk to Him about it. Are you confused as to which direction to go? Speak out His name and invite Him into the shower as you find some alone time (hello mama's!). Do you need peace in the midst of some chaos going on? Throw up some Hillsong on ya phone and sing to Him. Invite Him into your business. Invite Him into your home. Know that wherever you go, HE goes. Heading out the door to soccer practice? He's got the bags. Going out to eat with friends? He wants to be in that conversation. He is absolutely thrilled when we begin to really do life with Him instead of merely picking Him up on Sunday morning and laying Him back down as soon as our feet hit the pavements after church. He wants relationship and is uninterested in all of this religion. Just do life with Him. 


Thriving in life is only possible when your heart is fully surrendered to the Lord. You can do nothing apart from Him that's going to matter in eternity. Are you just surviving through life, through your week, through the weekend? 


He wants more for you. Let me connect you with the One who has brought me LIFE  - and life to the FULLEST







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