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Why NOW is the perfect time to join my TEAM.

May 16, 2018


Good Morning Ladies!


So, we have less than two weeks before May ends you guys and I am pushing, pushing, pushing to get you on my team. If you have ever in your life wanted to step out and do something different for yourself, now my friend is the time to do it. Have you ever dreamed of a different life for yourself? Have you ever wondered what your life would look like if you were doing something different? If you weren't so tied down to your current job? If you didn't have a set time you needed to clock in? If you had no limit on yourself financially?


Have you ever been here? 


Because that's where I found myself when I decided it was time to step out. I was so tired of doing life the way I had been. I was so tired of feeling so burnout in my job, so sick of feeling stressed constantly over never making ends meat. I needed a way to step up my game and really do something for myself and my family. 


If you're there right now, Senegence has some AMAZING incentives for you this month if you step out and join as a distributor!


First, for the whole month of May (so only two more weeks ladies!) you can join for only $55 dollars AND get $55 dollars worth of FREE PRODUCT when you do! This is huge and is a fabulous way for someone who is hurting financially to start their business! 



Second, a brand new starter kit for distributors is available for ordering during the month of May ONLY! This is called the Fast Start Kit and the name really explains it all. It's jam packed with tons of product and tools that are going to help get you on your feet immediately when you join. By purchasing this kit, you'll be saving over 65% of what you would typically have to spend on all of this product. The kit includes: 



A Glamour Demo kit with a gorgeous case filled with over $1100 of Product to start your business!

1,000 PV Order which is $2,000 in Retail!

 A Super Cute New Senegence Planner equaling $45 in value

12 Months FREE of brand new apps equaling $100 in value

The 30 Day Fast Start equaling $350 in value

Exclusive Training to get you fully equipped and confident for your new business - YOU CAN DO THIS GIRL.

and of course, FREE standard shipping for it all! 


This month is the BEST time to step out and be bold. I can't even begin to describe to you how thankful I am that I did. Not only have I gained a shocking financial result from this business, but I've gained confidence in myself more than ever before. I never in my life thought that I would be where I am today and honestly, do any of us ever really believe in ourselves like that? Most of us walk thinking we could never do anything like this. We walk in fear, afraid of failure. But you guys. 


I got to the place where failing wasn't an option. I was determined to make a better future for myself and for my kids. 

If you're determined to change your life, it starts with a change in direction. 


Come change directions and join Beauty and Grace. I want to see you reach your sweet, sweet success!









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