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Where I'm at Right Now and Where I Want You to Be , too.

April 26, 2018


So, it's been a week or so since I last shared some words with all of you fabulous people and because SO MUCH HAS GONE on, I feel the need to pop in and share a little insight into a few things I've learned along the way. 


Can I just stop right now and have a praise break? Yeah. You heard me right. I'm literally taking a break right now to brag on how ridiculously amazing my God is! Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder how you got so lucky to be SO blessed and SO surrounded by so many amazing people?



I've been waking up these days completely overwhelmed with a thankful heart. I look at my husband. A man who works tirelessly for our family A man who supports me in my dreams , who goes above and beyond to help me make those dreams happen. I see my three beautiful babies. My precious son. Growing into this little man who loves the Lord, who has the biggest heart for others around him. I look at my little mini me and tears fill these mama eyes as I see her big beautiful heart, so innocent and pure as she chases after the simple things, the little things that make her so happy. Butterflies and icecream cones, giggles and mama snuggles. And then I see my baby boy. My little one. Growing entirely too fast (who gave him permission to do that?!). I see the way he needs me and longs to have me by his side 24/7 and I ask Jesus for it to be like that always. 


I've been waking up these days completely overwhelmed with a thankful heart. 

Because isn't God so very good to a people so very undeserving?


This morning I boarded a plane for our annual Senegence Seminar! My FAVORITE trip EVER! It's a trip where I'm surrounded by like minded dreamers and entrepreneurs. It's a few days away from home where although I miss my people, I'm surrounded by long distant friends and precious women who mean oh so very much to me in this season of life. My heart cherishes the time I have with so many beautifully spirited ladies and again, I am filled with such thankfulness over all that the Lord has done. How many women can actually say they have  these kinds of friendships? Oh how I wish everyone could experience what the Lord has brought me through Senegence. These friendships, these amazing opportunities to walk with vision and purpose, excitement and passion. To get to say I am doing something I absolutely love is an understatement and a privilege all in one. 


This thankful heart is running deep, you guys, and I can't hold it in any longer. I've GOT to stand in applause over my Jesus. Over His goodness. Over who He is to me. Over how much He blesses in the midst of an undeserving soul. I want you to experience this sweetness too. I want you to know Him the way I've gotten to. I want you to tap into just how blessed YOU are and just how amazing HE is. 


Do you know Him? Because oh sweet friend, you can today. 


Having the Lord in your life doesn't mean you walk a perfect one. It doesn't mean life's no longer messy or brutal,


hurtful or cruel. Life is still messy. But it's Jesus who shows you who He is right in the middle of that mess of yours. It's Him who opens your eyes to see His beautiful and detailed hand throughout everything in your life, the good AND the not so much. He makes me more and more aware of just how good He truly is as each day passes and in this season I'm in where things are crazy busy, crazy hectic and crazy sweet all at the same time, I can't help but walk just so grateful for what He's done, so grateful for where He's brought me, so grateful for where we're headed together. 


He's a good, good Father. That's who He is. 


And I am a daughter overflowing with a heart so thankful, so overwhelmed with that goodness of His. 








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