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Beautiful Balance: When your Business, Family and Life Needs It Most.

April 9, 2018


What do you do when you wake up in the morning and literally feel the weight of being stretched a million different places all before your pretty little feet ever hit the ground? For the hustling mama, the business woman go getter, the motivated entrepreneur this is a real thing, you guys. Your eyes open up and before you can even take your first breath already you're feeling the stress from having so much to do and not enough time to do it. So many good things are going on in your life - don't get me wrong. You're being stretched by 5 tiny fingers on one little arm from one adorable angel who's puling on your emotions with every "mommy come here" that comes out of their mouth and then you're being pulled to your incredible clients when you hear your phone dinging every ten seconds as the messages roll in and then you're hearing the other dings from all the text messages pouring in from your precious friends. AS sweet as every single one of these are individually, the weight of responding to each one all at the same time can become overhwhelming and can have you fetal position in the corner of your house in a HEARTBEAT.


You know what your life needs? Your life needs BALANCE. Lots and lots of healthy balance. Because everything you're doing is GOOD. Being a mama is GOOD. Pursing your gifts and talents through your business is GOOD. Having healthy friendships and relationships. ALL GOOD


But..if you don't have SOME kind of order and structure to it all, even good things can become emotionally draining and hard if you're not investing balance into all the things combined. I don't know about you, but I want to be the absolute BEST at literally everything I do. I want to be the best mama. I want to be a wife my husband is proud of. I want to be an entrepreneur who's on top of her game in her business, who has clients who rave about her because she's a woman who's got herself together. 


I want to be all of these things, but if we don't gather some balance in our lives and some kind of structure...I can tell you right now, you and i? We ain't gonna make it!! So, creating a life of balance is something that's not going to happen overnight. Stick with me here. If we attempt to make a million changes in one day, we're just adding to the mix of an already overwhelmed heart.


Lucky for you, this is going to be a weekly challenge for us over the next several weeks, so today we're tackling ONE thing that needs to be changed in our lives in order to gain some control and balance over our constant pull towards a million different directions. 




Carve out some time in your crazy schedule this week to purposely sit down ALONE - kid free, distraction free, phone free, tv off, completely unplugged - and to put your heart and soul into creating a game plan. For the woman who's needed everywhere, there has to be structure or else we'll cave. 


DESIGNATE EVERY HOUR FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT. If you're a stay at home mama, your babies are going to be incorporated throughout this entire process, throughout every hour, so get creative and come up with some fun structure for them. Hey, if babies can thrive on structure, then I thing we grown women have that chance too! 


HAVE AN HOUR DESIGNATED TO RESPONDING TO EMAILS AND CLIENTS. Set up some kind of automated answering text or email if that's an option for you to let your clients know when your working hours are and that you will be happy to respond in between those hours. We ladies can't be at our phone's beck and call all day long. It's not healthy for US. It's not healthy for our FAMILIES. So set side some time to work and keep it within the structure.


BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING IN THE MORNING, DESIGNATE TIME IN THE MORNING FOR YOUR COFFEE AND JESUS. I'm raising my hands on this one because Lord knows I'm so guilty of NOT doing this. I'm playing catch up from the night before, waking up to dead lines, the whole shabang and it wears on you when you don't start your morning off with some peace and quiet. If you're pulling late nighters with work, getting up before your kids and before the crazy hits is a HARD thing to do, but at LEAST attempt. You need it. Your heart needs it. 


 Just one simple challenge for you to tackle this week. I KNOW that you're life needs this, because mine does too. It needs balance and this is a beautiful way to start bringing that in. So let's break away, each try this on our own and come back together next week to keep working through this. 


Let's be the best everything that we can be. We don't have to live stretched and overwhelmed. There's gotta be a better way!







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