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To the Woman who Suffers with Dry Skin...

April 4, 2018


Isn't dry skin so frustrating??? It's like no matter what you use and no matter what you do, you can't seem to get rid of that darn flaky dry skin. And the seasons don't seem to help either. With the slightest breeze outside, your skin flairs up and gets crazy out of control. Winter months bring HORRIBLE dry skin and the summer months bring the heat which dries out your skin just as bad, so either way , you feel like you're up against a brick wall. 


So for the woman who deals with horribly dry skin...I have two words for you:





Like seriously, this is what you need in your life. The bottom line is your skin is not producing enough oil to keep your faced moisturized and hydrated, and so because of this, your skin goes wild and experiences dry spots and flaky patches when you put ANYTHING on it. Foundation especially makes it go nuts. The problem is not the foundation (if you're using MakeSense Foundation that is). The problem is at the root of your skins hydration.


And so, to nip this issue in the bud once and for all, start incorporating Climate Control into your daily skin care routine. Climate Control is packed FULL of vitamins and herbal oil extracts to coat your face and soak up into the pores of your skin. This restores the damage that has taken place in your skin cells to bring back a healthy and radiant glow to your face that the dryness has taken from you. The product literally speaks for itself, you guys. We even call it our little "miracle in a bottle" because of how it works wonders on your skin. If you ever needed to run to the store or get out of the house and didn't have time to throw on makeup, you would feel absolutely comfortable in your own skin to go without it if you begin adding in Climate Control to your day to day.


Don't endure the dry skin if you don't have to. We have a solution for that, hunny and I can fix that flaky frustration for you with the snap of a finger. Let me do that for you!





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