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Blooming where you're Planted: Secrets to becoming Successful in Every Area of your Life.

April 2, 2018


Is it just me or do you ever seem to hear the Lord speak to you so much more clearly in certain seasons?

As spring slowly makes it's way out into the open, I'm hearing His voice through all that's happening around us. The flowers blooming in and of themselves speak so sweetly to this heart of mine and it's had me thinking about something in particular that I have a feeling you might connect with. 


All week long we women can work ourselves crazy trying to make a difference, trying to reach those goals and get to those dreams we have deep down in our hearts. We sacrifice sleep. We stay up late and clock in hours after the kiddos go down for the night. We do those darn dishes, sweep that foot printed kitchen floor. We pull out our planner and respond to emails. We work to get ahead, to become a better wife, a better mama, a better person. We desire to see success in our lives. In EVERY AREA of our life, we want to make others proud. We want to make the Lord proud, ourselves proud and those we love the most proud. 


And do you know what all of these gorgeous blooming flowers have taught me in all of this? 

They bloom right where they are. They flourish into their gorgeous colors, into their perfect shades of pinks and lilacs, dogwood whites and tulip yellows, and they do so by staying right where they are. They're not jumping all over the place. They're not working on a million other things all at one time. They're simply doing what they've been created to do. They're in their sweet spot and they're blooming because of it. 


I see the same trait threading through women who have gained success in their lives. I see them staying still, right where they are, and zoning in on their own gifts, their own abilities, their own talents, keeping their eyes locked in on only a few things instead of a million and flourishing so beautifully in those gifts. They aren't looking to the right or the left trying to find others to compare their blooming to. Oh no. You won't find a successful woman stuck in the comparison trap. She's too busy enjoying her life right where she is.

She is a woman who is truly flourishing in her calling. 


As a woman with a passion for a specific calling.

As a woman with a desire and dream to see something specific happen for others. 

As a mama. As a wife. As a housewife. As an entrepreneur. 

Whatever her role is, she excels in it because she has chosen to dedicate herself to that very thing and let go of the rest.


What is it that you're passionate about? Have you noticed yourself trying to load up and carry a million different amazing business ventures? What about all of the extras? Like trying to carry too much at home or at your sweet kiddo's school? What is it for you that's weighing you down and keeping you from truly blooming in your specific gifts and calling?


If you want to see success, my sweet friend, lay it all down and start from scratch. Know that above any business, calling or dream, you are called to pursue the Lord above all. Put your heart and soul into your walk with Him and let Him clear your vision for you. Let Him place His hand on you in the soil that He has prepared in order for you to bloom where you're planted. And then? Let Him strip away the extras and help you see your passion, zone in on your dreams and bloom into something absolutely stunning...even more stunning than all of the gorgeous spring flowers combined in this breathtaking spring season. 


Bloom, Sweet Friend, Bloom.





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