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Creating the Perfect Eye Look: A Step by Step to Applying Shadowsense

March 30, 2018


So, if you've found yourself peeking into this post today then I can assume one're just a tad bit curious as to how to really use your Shadowsense. I mean, sure. You've got mounds of Shadowsense pallets sitting in your bathroom drawers and in your makeup bags, but do you really even know how to use those? If we're being honest, we've probably all at one time or another looked at ourselves blank faced in the mirror for a good ten minutes before finally admitting that WE WERE LOST to how to even apply the darn stuff!! 


You're not the minority here dear, so take a deep breath! Creating an easy every day look for your eyes is seriously not as complicated as it seems. It takes lots of practice to really begin feeling super comfortable applying things like eyeliner and different shades of Shadowsense, but lucky for you, we have all the time in the world to work on it! Today I am giving you the easiest step by step tutorial for creating a gorgeous every day Shadowsense look. Follow each step carefully and girl, you're gonna be looking fabulous by the time this is all said and done! I promise you that, dear.


Before you begin the first step, be sure to choose your colors! I chose three: Sandstone Pearl Shimmer for the brow bone, Pink Posey to go on the eyelid and then Garnet as my accent color. You can choose these three as well or you can choose your own colors. Be sure to choose a lighter color for your brow bone choice - a slightly darker color for your eyelid and then an even darker shade to use as your accent.





Apply your lightest shade to your brow bone. This is Sandstone Pearl Shimmer.


 Take an eyeshadow blending brush and blend your color from your brow bone to your actual eyebrow. 


Now apply your darker shade to our entire eyelid. Here I've chosen the shadowsense color Pink Posey.



 Take your eyeshadow blending brush and blend in this color as well. Do not go up into the area that you applied your first color. Instead, bring your new shade right up to where the other begins and blend in to give an easy ombre effect from the one shade to the next.



 For the last shade, you're going to apply your darkest color to the outside corner of your eyelid, like above. Here I have used Garnet. 



 For the last and final step, I have blended in Garnet at the corner of the eyelid and from there, have added lashes, filled in my eyebrows and added eyeliner! After applying your color, spice up your eye look by adding a few little extras to really make your eyes pop and stand out! 


The key with applying shadowsense and any other eyeshadow for that matter is to blend, blend, blend. The more you blend, the less chooped up each color will and instead, will give off an entire eye look that flows smoothly together in it's shade and color! 










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