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Messy Hair Don't Care: A How To for that Perfect Messy Bun.

March 28, 2018


We all know that one girl in our life who always seems to rock the messy bun, right? She makes it look absolute effortless and somehow her "messy"bun looks perfectly put together. How in the world does she do it?! And isn't it so aggravating?! She looks fabulous with it  and for some reason, when we attempt, we look like a bird's just come and made it's home right smack dab in our hair. HA!! 


I feel you girl. I totally feel you. So, for all of you mamas out there chasing toddlers, for all of your ladies who are rushing out the door in the mornings with your coffee in one hand and your makeup bag in the other (as you attempt to put your mascara on in the car...which my advice for that would be...DON'T. It'll end up all over your face. Trust me. =), for all of you ladies who need a little bit of SIMPLE in your morning hair routine, this one is actually a SUPER EASY GO TO when you're wanting to create something effortless that looks like you actually took a ton of time on your hair. 


First, grab these: Bobby pins. A thick ponytail. And a small elastic one (I buy the small ones literally at dollar tree with 700 in a box for a dollar.)

 Next, pull all of your hair up in a fairly tight ponytail at the place where you want your messy bun. Some like super high buns, others not so much, so figure out where that place is for you and pull your hair up at that spot!

 Then, you'll want to part your ponytail to where your hair is covering the entire band.  In an nut shell, make a circle around your ponytail with your hair. This will be the base of your messy bun!

 Now, grab that tiny elastic ponytail and wrap it over the hair you've just spread out to create a small bun on top of your head! 

 After you've done that, go ahead and get your bobby pins ready because now you're literally just going to begin wrapping and pinning the extra hair around this small elastic band.  SO easy you guys. Like, seriously!

 And from here, just start wrapping. Grab a few pieces of hair at a time and as you wrap around your already created bun, use your bobby pins to pin the hair in place. Be sure to keep it lose and not super tightly wound around your bun to give that mess bun appearance. 


Just start wrapping...

 And wrapping...

 And wrapping some more...



Until you have a a created a messy bun MASTERPIECE! You guys! I told you it was crazy easy, right?! This is a perfect go to look when you're either wanting something quick or when you just don't have the energy to pull the straightener out and goodness knows we've ALL been there.


Can I hear a good amen?! 







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