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Spring is in the Air: Cleaning out and Stocking up!

March 21, 2018


Don't you just love Spring?! There's something about it that just puts me in such an amazing mood. It's a season that brings so much new into the old, so much hope and excitement over new things coming and happening in life. I mean, the weather in and of itself is my kind of weather. 70 degree days. Gorgeous flowers blooming up everywhere. Birds coming out. Summer on the horizon. And as if the weather wasn't enough to bring some sunshine back into your life after those cold winter days, there's this feeling in the air that's almost contagious. 


Spring hits and we get this urge to clean, clean, clean. We hit up Bath and Body for a new scented candle to light up our homes. We head to Lowe's with that Pinterest Painting Project on the brain and begin tackling our home renovations. We plan beach trips, pull out new recipes, have yard sales, declutter and then restock our lives with brand new. Sometimes that's so necessary, isn't it? It's like Spring is God's sweet way of giving us a fresh new start and I don't know about you, but I am never as motivated the rest of the year as I am during springtime! 


So, scenario: You're stepping outside, being hit in the face with pollen (HA!) amazing smells from the flowers underneath your feet and then, this sudden urge to clean out and stock up hits. WHERE DO YOU GO FROM THERE?


It can be crazy overwhelming if you attempt to look at the big picture of all that you want to do all at ONCE, so let's start here. Let's take baby steps, girl, towards having the most productive spring season yet!


Let's start with the inside.

The inside of our hearts that is (like where I'm going with this?).

Are you happy with where you are right now emotionally? Physically? Spiritually? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would rate each of these categories honestly in your life. Because, as fun as it is to throw new curtains up and new clothes in our closet, none of that is ultimately going to satisfy. Spring isn't just a time to clean out the junk in our homes. It's a beautiful time to clean out the junk in our hearts. Are their goals you have put off for the past 10 years? Have you wanted to get healthy? Is there a dream or a vision inside of that heart of yours that's dying to be put out there into action? What about that attitude you see yourself struggling with? What about that marriage that you know could be so much better if you would just invest the time into it? Start with your heart. Jot a few things down that you know you want to begin working on and ask the Lord to help guide you to becoming a better you. Give yourself grace and take time to pick yourself up when you fail at these. Success is not in how much you avoid the falls. Success is in how many times you pick yourself up after them. 



Baby steps, my sweet friend!


Next. Let's start with where you live.

SPRING CLEANING IS IN FULL GO TIME so pull out the trash bags and begin filling  those bad boys up with clothes you haven't worn in over 6 months, with kitchen supplies you NEVER use, with clutter that you've shoved into side drawers and with old dirt that you've swept up from underneath your bed. Give clothes away. Become friends with simplicity and decide to part ways with the junk that you haven't missed in 10 years. Let's start there. This is definitely going to require a list, so take one room at a time and jot down some things you need to go through and get rid of in each one, followed by a list of fun spring projects that you have in mind for each room as well! Remember, we are getting rid of the old to bring in the new, so let's end this step two on a good note instead of with a list of junk that needs to be thrown away. 


And step three, the one I love and have the most fun with...STOCK UP! 

Okay, so you've cleaned out your closets and your makeup drawers. You DID clean out that year old makeup right? Please tell me you didn't skip this part, because with spring, comes new spring colors and if we don't have room to fill our drawers with new colors, then what in the world are we cleaning out for?! It's time to pick out some fun new spring shades to add to your brand new spring look, so as I've been picking out my personal favorites, you pick out yours! 


Here are a few spring colors that you'll definitely see me rocking in that 70 degree weather while I sip on my Iced Tea and look for Easter Eggs. HA! I've even paired my color picks with some outfit options, some fresh spring flower looks for your home and other fun spring inspiring ideas!








































These are only my top spring lip color choices! You keep cleaning out and I'll keep sharing my other spring color favorite from our Blushsense and Shadowsense line in the following weeks to come! Don't wait to stock up either, girl! My spring collection runs out like super fast, so get with me and let's get you stock up for spring!







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