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Kiss and Tell: What do your Lips say about your Personality?

March 16, 2018


Who knew that you could figure a woman out just by the shape of her lips?!


Okay, so let’s be honest. We women are not the easiest to figure out when it comes to deciphering what we’re thinking, what we’re expecting or what we’re feeling. Any man on this planet can tell you that! But, how fun would it be if we actually tried this whole lip game out and actually found out it was spot on with our personalities? I’m willing to give it a go if you are. I mean, what could it hurt right?


So, first things first. You’ll need a piece of paper or a napkin to get your lip print on. Second, you’ll need some LipSense WITHthe gloss (because let’s not forget, our amazing lip color doesn’t come off so you will need to have a gloss lip print!) And then, make your lip print and match it with one of these six pictures to found out if their take on your personality is either a home run or way out in left field!



EEK! I wish I could see on the other side of this screen which lip print you got! Mine actually really does match up with my personality. Like spot on, you guys. I’m the one in the top row on the far right. The one that says I’m a driven, hard working perfectionist. HA!! This is SO me. There are always things to be done and time that doesn’t need to be wasted. As much as I really do fit this personality though, it’s also a peek into a few things that maybe I could bring into my life as well. I could go for a relaxing evening spent over coffee with girlfriends every now and then. And if you’re a perfectionist, then you know that we can often have a tendency to beat ourselves up when things aren’t JUST the way we want them to  be (see my post on what to do when life goes unplanned right HERE).


So, a lot to learn about myself from the outline of my lips. WHO KNEW?!


For all of my downline team, this fun little game is something you’re going to want to store away in your pocket for a chance to really connect with those who are under YOU! It’s a great tool to connect with your clients and to bring conversation into your social media platforms. Get your audience involved and connect with them on a personal level in order to begin building those beautiful relationships for your business!


XOXO (from this driven, successful, hard working perfectionist! HA!) ,



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