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When Life goes South: What to do when our moments don't go as planned.

March 14, 2018


Have you ever had it in your mind of how your day was going to go and then once that day actually got into full swing, those plans seemed to roll out the window? I am SUCH a planner. I love knowing that my calendar is full with my plans all in place. I think honestly in order to be your own boss, you have to have just a teensy bit of OCD in your blood in order to get the daily to do list’s checked off and done. But what happens when you have it set in your mind that your day, your big event, your vacation, your LIFE just feels off track at some point?


Maybe the kids aren’t behaving like you just knew they would that day. Maybe your sweet baby boy got sick in the middle of the night and so the pile of work that you had planned to do has been collecting dust for 24 hours. Maybe your vacation started off with a starbucks and a flight delay. Maybe you spent the whole night before your big brunch blowing up fun bright balloons, getting all craftsy by pulling out the sharpie and writing sweet little nothings on them for your pending guests and going to sleep so proud of your work, only to wake up the next morning to find that every single balloon is now deflated and making friends with the crumbs that you forgot to sweep up off of your kitchen floor.


Sounds funny, right?! Has anything like this ever happened to you like it has me?! So, for all of us who LOVE  a plan, how do we deal with plans that go south? How do we react and respond in those moments? If are involved in ANYTHING, at some point, this is going to happen. An argument is going to break out on your amazing date night that you’ve had on your calendar for 6 months. That food’s not going to agree with you when you go out to eat with all your girlfriends and then have to sit through a 2 hour movie. SOMETHING at SOMEPOINT is going to wrong. That’s just life. But guess what?




It’s especially okay when you know how to handle the unplanned. Which brings me to my main question. What DO you do in those moments?




Right in the middle of the chaos and the mess that was not on your agenda is a sweet new opportunity for you. One that’s going to stretch you, grow you , strengthen you and bring such a beautiful joy to your heart. It’s asking to see Jesus in the middle of the unplanned, because don’t you know that so often He will use those very things to get our attention in the best way? Maybe our priorities have gotten out of whack and we needed a night to snuggle and love on our baby boy. Maybe we are walking through that airport with eyes straight ahead instead of with eyes that gaze the crowd to look for someone to speak life to.

Maybe Jesus is preparing our hearts to trust Him even when we don’t understand.


Either way, stop in the middle of your moment and ask the Lord to give you eyes to see His perspective instead of only your own. You might be pleasantly surprised at what this detour in your day has allowed for you to experience. An opportunity to display his work in your life through reaching beyond your plans and exchanging them for HIS. He wants to be found in the detours of life and if we walk hand in hand with Him, then regardless of what comes our way, we know who’s hand we’re holding. We know who ultimately holds our plans.


Stop. Breathe. And look for Jesus.





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