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Introducing our Prism Color Line!

March 12, 2018



What is it about the whole flowers blooming, the temp rising, and the spring cleaning deal that gets me motivated to branch out in my “look”? I’m heading to the mall, grabbing clothes off racks that I would normally not venture out in (because let’s be honest, sometimes our go to is unintentionally something that plays it safe), looking up hairstyles and color on Pinterest that are some serious DRASTIC and then I’m looking for new lip color to go with it all.


AHH! I can’t help myself you guys! I love love love Spring and all that it brings with it. Everything seems to be brand NEW and the new season, new you mantra is totally my thing. I am all about trying new things –from recipes to those adorable overalls I always told myself I could never pull off all the way to new lip color.






Just last week, they surprised everyone by launching a brand new lip color line that has got me obsessed! These colors are all so different than anything I’ve ever tried before. They launched FIVE drop dead gorgeous colors in a new line called the PRISM Colors. So why the name Prism? I wondered too until I really started looking at each color in detail.


Every single new color stands alone without any need of adding to it – They are all so bold and different. A prism is a geometric figure where each side stands on it’s own and comes together to form something with the other sides.

These colors each stand on their own in how uniquely created each shade is , and when the colors are side by side with each other, they are all very similar in their matte/ flat style of look. Not following? No sweat, girl. I wasn’t the girl just dying to get to math class in highschool, so you’re in good company if you’re a little confused too. HA! Why don’t we just skip straight to the fun part…INTRODUCING THE COLORS!


 Okay – can we say BARBIE LIPS?! Is this shade of pink not one that totally takes your mind to the days when Barbie was your bff and bubblegum was always in your back pocket? I see this color as the grown up version of bringing Barbie back into your life. The name “Pop Art Pink” is by far self-explanatory, as is obvious how fabulous this color POPS off of your lips. This color gives pink a new modern, edgy and fun twist…GET ON MY LIPS!


Midnight Muse is one that I’m dying to grab. It’s this brilliant mix of a black midnight sky and a dark blue ocean. Just gorgeous together. I see this color as one that draws a crowd the minute you walk out of the house, because look at how mysterious and undeniably bold this shade is? This color is always gorgeous when applying our matte gloss that keeps the flat look going strong (for those curious, flat/matte is just another way of saying the NOT super glossy and shiny look).


Mod Magenta makes me want to go grab a bowl of fresh strawberries and raspberries and head to the sun for an hour of laying out! I mean, right? This color to me screams SUMMER IS COMING!! And I don’t know about you, but I absolutely cannot wait to rock this color in my bikini with my pina colada in my hand. This shade brings out the natural red in your lips and ties it together with a gorgeous shade of purplish pink that creates this fabulous magenta color.

The next color is one that’s in my opinion the most bold and daring of all the colors. I can guarantee that majority of you reading this right now do NOT own a color this bold – which excites me to no end because I am all about bringing some beautiful confidence in your life when it comes to branching out in color. This one is our Skyline Blue – and honey, can I just say –this is your PERFECT SHADE of BLUE! There’s nothing like a beautiful day with a clear and gorgeous blue skyline. Not a cloud in sight, not a worry in the world, just you and a wide open space. I’m not even kidding when I say this shade is going to take you to that place because of how bold it actually IS! I want to branch out and blaze the trail of confidence for other women and THIS is a PERFECT set up for me to do just that. Dare to join me?

And last but not least, we have our adorable Lilac Lacquer. This color is going to go amazing with that Easter dress you’ve already bought and have hanging in your closet! The most gorgeous mix of all things, this pop of  purple should honestly be the poster color for spring. Does it not make you want to go hunt for Easter eggs and pick a bouquet of wild flowers? Surely I’m not the only one who’s mind goes there?!


That’s what’s so amazing about these colors. They are so wild and untamable, like wild flowers almost. Such an awesome depiction of who I want to be and of who I know YOU can be too!


Here’s to walking bold in our new PRISM color line!





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