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4 Do's and Don't's to Not Completely Sabotaging your Weekend.

March 9, 2018


Is it just me or do you so often go into the weekend with such strong goals of getting to Monday without any regrets and then here Monday comes...and somehow you've self sabotaged every single ONE of those goals in less than 48 hours. UGH! What happened? What went wrong? Now you're starring at Monday having to hit the restart button and begin the goal reaching process all over again. That can be SO frustrating.


Trust me, I know.


Because whether it's making it through the weekend without downing one too many doughnuts or having the goal of staying OFF the couch to be more productive (aka to clean that  house of yours)  or having the goal of getting some extra work done to get ahead in your business, when the actual weekend gets here, it's like we so often have a sudden change of heart, right? HA! All of a sudden getting out the window cleaner and the mop seem absolutely ridiculous when Netflix is calling our name. All of a sudden, self sabotaging our diet doesn't seem so bad, because...well? Monday IS coming and you DO get another chance, so go ahead. Inhale the entire pint of icecream. Go back for seconds of that cheesecake. Why not? 


I don't know about you, but when it comes to reaching my goals , I don't get a free pass through the weekend. In order to keep going, in order to keep progressing forward, that requires me to stay ON the motivated train. And along the way as I've attempted to do this, I've learned a thing or two about what to avoid during my own weekend to help me get to Monday with my goals and progress still in tact! 



Because isn't it just SO easy to do when you've stayed up late with friends or family and as you hear the bed calling your name you somehow bypass the bathroom sink? DON'T DO IT! Your skin needs to be taken care of even through the weekend. No. ESPECIALLY through the weekend. Monday's coming and before you know it you'll have an entirely new work week. Gotta keep that skin healthy and radiant! Stay focused on your skin this weekend and don't skimp out on getting the day off of your face before you hit the hay. Be sure to grab our 3 in 1 cleanser while you're at it. That stuff is GOLD when it comes to doing work on your face throughout the weekend.



This is one of my fun to do's that I try to conquer throughout every weekend and just hear me out. I can honestly say that somehow I find myself more motivated to get things done when I'm a little more put together. It's an absolute wonder what a little pop of pink or red will do to my attitude if I'm needing to get laundry done or if I'm needing to get out and run errands or even if I'm needing to just sit at the desk and begin prepping for the next week. It's so important to me to stay motivated and if this is what works for me, who knows. Maybe you aughta give it a try!




No seriously. This is HORRIBLE for your skin and your skin care goals. As tempting as we all know it is to let loose on the weekends, do your best to keep it at a minimum because it's that grease in the junk food that is absolutely sure to cause breakouts and blemishes to pop up overnight on that pretty face of yours. You can't be rolling into the office Monday with a bright red friend on your face. thank you. I'll skip the cheese fries. 



Have you ever gotten through the weekend and feel as if you've just wasted an entire 3 days doing things that were completely mindless? It's okay, dear. My hands are both raised. We've all been there where we've wasted precious time and every weekend, I make sure to fill my schedule with things that I know bring joy to my life. I make sure to put the phone DOWN and pick up my babies. I make sure to have sweet chats with my husband and turn my head away from the tv. I don't want to miss precious opportunities like that where I could walk away so full, where I could create such a loving and sweet atmosphere in my home. I want to invest my time wisely into things that TRULY matter this weekend. 


Just a few do's and don't's that I've found myself learning throughout my own weekends as I've worked to make my own goals a reality. I want to be the best me that's physically possible and that takes effort on my part in order to see that happen! Put these tips to the test this weekend and tell me how they worked out for you. I can guarantee you'll walk into Monday more confident than ever as you've just witnessed yourself conquer a weekend without completely sabotaging your goals!





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