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How I Ended Up on a Billboard in Times Square!

March 5, 2018




You read that title right.


My face. New York. Times Square. A Huge Billboard.


Don’t worry friend. My mouth’s hanging wide open too! How in the world did a girl like me wind up on a billboard in one of the busiest, most populated states in America?!


Well, let me share with you my story.


If you’ve made it this far to my words, then I’m sure it’s no surprise to you to hear that I am a SeneGence Distributor. I work for the most amazing makeup and skin care company known to man – a company that not only has amazing product, but a company that actually cares about people. People like me.


I randomly saw this opportunity to enter a contest hosted by SeneGence: A contest that had you create a video just 30 seconds showing all of the amazing features that LipSense offered. Smudgeproof. Kiss Proof. Drink Proof. A video that showed off the fact that this lip color lasts 4 to 18 HOURS on your lips. So, I grabbed my dear friend Marissa who is also an amazing, rockstar distributor and we created one. Not only did we create and submit the video, but…




We seriously won.



It was an absolute miracle, you guys, and the question still stands.


How does a girl like me, a girl who’s not got it all together, a girl who’s juggling being a wife, a mama and her own boss to two different businesses (SeneGence & Photography) get chosen for something this massive?


I’ll tell you how.


There’s no special to do’s, there’s no bullet points with my top three secrets, but there is a someone and His name is Jesus. My life is found in His life and because He loves YOU, He has sent ME.


Ya see, before the Lord, I was living life lonely and hopeless. I was searching and searching for this world to fill a void in my heart that only Christ himself could fill. It’s the gospel in a nutshell. John 3:16 tells us that the God who created this universe sent His one and only son, Jesus, to come to this earth, to live a sinless life and to die a death he did not deserve – a death on a cross that would be the payment for MY sin, a death I should have had to endure. Scripture tells me that God sent His son and that Jesus chose to die in MY place all because of a crazy love that they have for me, for you.


Because, let’s be honest. Who would do something like that for someone like me?




I had found myself running circles around things that would never satisfy. And all of it left me empty. Absolutely empty.


That’s when I met my Savior. That’s when I met my God, my Creator, the One who came in, the One who cleaned me up and set me straight, the One who filled the void that was meant for only Him to fill. I live with purpose now that’s driven by a love for my Lord, that’s driven by knowing that the God who hung the stars in the sky loves ME.

THAT’S how I ended up on that billboard.


It wasn’t for me. It wasn’t to bring me into the spotlight. I don't care about that. It wasn’t so that I would gain popularity or success, because I know now that those things don’t leave me full.


No. It wasn’t for me. It was for you.


It was so that somehow you’d find my words today and above all else, above any makeup product, above any company, above any lipstick, you would walk away knowing that someone loves you with a ridiculous, crazy wild love. A love that would endure a horrible death just to see you be given the opportunity for LIFE and life ABUNDANT. The abundant life is non existent without Christ. Life is not worth living without living for HIM.




Do you know Him? Or have you found yourself today like I found myself so long ago, so lost, searching for something, anything, to bring your peace and joy, hope and purpose?


Will you let me introduce you to the One I call Daddy? Scripture tells us that all we have to do to step into that relationship is admit with our mouths that without Him coming to wipe our slate clean, to forgive us of the sin in our lives, that we are hopeless. We choose to admit to Him that we need Him desperately. We declare to Him that we believe He is who He says He is. Yes, He died for our sins to be wiped clean but He didn’t stay in the grave. He rose on the third day and is now seated in Heaven. He is alive and has purpose for YOUR life. We declare that we believe in Him and that we long to know Him intimately and personally.  And finally, we step into a relationship with Him that truly will change us from the inside out and give us a fresh start. We turn from our sinful lifestyle and we pursue a life that brings joy and contentment like those other things never could.


This. This is why I was chosen. This is why my face was seen by millions today on one of the biggest billboards in New York Times Square. It wasn’t for me, my friend. It was for you.


I pray if you don’t know Him today, that you’ll know Him before you walk away from my words. His love is better than life itself and my heart so longs for you to know and live in that love.










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