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What's in your Makeup Bag?

February 21, 2018


Have you ever actually been scared to look in your makeup bag? If you have kids, the answer to this question would be a resounding YES! There is no telling all of the crazy things I have found while digging for that gloss or that foundation or be it just ONE bobby pin! (Anyone out there have this struggle? The ONE time I need a bobby pin, it’s as if they’ve all gone into hiding!)


I’ve looked into my bag before and found smushed up bananas from who knows who long ago and graham crackers that have been crushed into tiny pieces and are chilling out in the bottom of my bag. Where’s all the mama’s at?!

I’m not sure if your makeup bag has a million and one different branded products in it or if you are a minimalist and have only the essentials. What I DO know is that you need to know what’s in your makeup bag and what you are putting on your face!


I could spend hours chatting about how all of the other products we have so often used are actually damaging to our face, but instead, I’m going to share with you only two words:

Seneplex Complex.


What’s the Seneplex Complex you ask? Well, if you’re the least bit curious about why we SeneGence ladies are always bragging about how amazing our product is, this is the number one reason.


Whether you’re 15 and really just now starting to figure this whole skin care routine thing out , whether you’re in your 30’s and are beginning to see signs of aging or whether you’re 60 and you are wishing you’d done a few things different skin care wise in your past, know this: IT’S NOT TOO LATE WITH SENEPLEX COMPLEX.



To make a long story short for you (because I value your time and know there’s not much of it), this Seneplex Complex is what goes into our Senegence product. It’s a formula with ingredients that have been tested and proven effective towards rebuilding damaged skin cells within the top and deeper layers of your skin. If you’re young, you need to invest in product that is going to keep your face from being damaged by things like the sun, debri that’s floating in the air and all things in between. If you’re in your 30’s, you need to begin being proactive with protecting your skin from any more damage that could happen in the future, and if your older, Seneplex Complex works to reverse the skin cells already damaged.


Every single piece of our skin care product, from our cleanser to our blush to our eyeshadow,  works to increase hydration and moisture in your face while increasing how firm and tight your skin is on your face all while at the same time increasing that beautiful natural glow in your skin. Each product promises to deliver this Seneplex Complex. You can't go wrong by investing with us. Our product also works to reduce sagging skin and prevent skin damage from happening in the future! If you choose to invest in Senegence, know that you are choosing to invest in the Seneplex Complex and even more so, you're choosing to invest in your beautiful skin –and THAT is irreplaceable!






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