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February Makeovers

February 19, 2018


This month I had so many beautiful women come over to my home and get special makeovers! I will be offering these throughout the year.


It was so fun and I enjoyed being heart to heart with each and every one of them!



As I become older, I realize how much women need each other's love & support to survive in this world.














And OF COURSE, another perk to hanging out with these beautiful women this month was being able to let each one try out the MAGIC make up that is SeneGence


We matched each women with the perfect foundation color. From a light coverage to a thicker coverage and natural eye make up looks to bold looks.


Each face was made over completely in SeneGence cosmetics from the Climate Control, Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer, Concealer, Pearlizer, MakeSense Foundation, BlushSense, ShadowSense, LipSense, Gloss, Powders, LashSense Mascara.


Did you even know SeneGence is SOOOO much more then just LipSense!? Isn't it gorgeous!? Check out my website to learn more about some of the amazing products we offer! And if you are interested in a glam makeover just message me to get it booked! Or would you like to host a glamour makeover class with some girlfriends? Lets get it on the calendar! 

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