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Candy & Color: Bringing Some Fun into your Valentine's Day!

February 14, 2018





Here we are at the holiday that drives everyone towards romantic I Love You’s, bouquets of roses and loads of chocolate! I don’t know about you, but I’m a little obsessed with walking up and down those Valentine aisles when I get the kids out of the house. You know, those rows upon rows of gigantic teddy bears and little cartoon valentine card kits that make you reminisce on your elementary days when you would show up to school with a box full!


And don’t even get me started on all of the fabulous candy that lines those aisles! There’s something about grabbing a handful before I head to the checkout that gets me feeling like a little girl again and I’m convinced that we working women, busy wives and on the go mama’s need a little more excitement like that in our lives. It’s the excitement over those small things that bring so much joy to an average day!  I’m talking a handful of heart shaped Reeses, red air heads, pink wrapped Hershey kisses and of course, those adorable little boxes packed full of colorful heart shaped conversation candies! I always had my favorite color too. Didn’t we all? You either loved the pink and hated the green or hoarded the whites and threw out the yellows.


But seriously, how fun is it to travel back in time to the days when you would slide a “ur cool” piece of candy over to that little boy crush of yours? SO fun.


I had actually grabbed a box of them the other day and began one by one reading off their cute little phrases when it hit me: Lipsense has a color for every single one of these colored hearts! Talk about feeling like a fun little kid again. Is it YOU who needs a little more fun in your life, my friend?


Let’s take a walk down memory lane as I show you the colors that would go PERFECT with the colored heart that’s YOUR favorite!







This is the color that stops traffic. A statement piece to your look for sure, BRAVO is the perfect mix of that snowy pure white mixed in with the absolute lightest shade of pink you could find. It’s a gorgeous duo together, especially when you’re wanting to have a little fun while at the same time show that you have it together. Let’s be honest, only the bold will dare to where this amazing shade. Will you choose to be so bold? There’s nothing like adding a color to your collection ( that’s not your norm ) to get a little extra attention, and who doesn’t love that, right?










Didn’t know where I was going with this orange heart, did ya? After looking through all of our amazing color choices, this gorgeous lip color stuck out to me the most for this color heart! How amazing is our PERSIMMON? In it’s rarest form (without any additional glosses added), this shade has a beautiful mix of orange and browns that is


sure to bring out the bronze in your skin! My mind goes to Summer and Fall. What a more perfect shade to go with that glowing tan you know you’re about to get in just a few months? Wait. Who are we kidding? Isn’t Spring Break coming up soon? You’re gonna need this color in your life when you’re getting ready to go out on the town during your beach vacation!








“Fleur De Lisa” is one of the sweetest, most flirtatious colors you could choose! With it’s gorgeous pink shade mixed with a hint of lavender, this color reminds me of a bubblegum blow pop. Just fun and innocent! This shade screams to others that you are carefree and confident all in one, that you love having a good time and that you know how to rock this color in the midst of needing to be serious too. Your man is going to be drawn to you, just like he was the first time he laid eyes on you, when he sees you in this gorgeous and playful rosy pink!


And last but certainly not least…








Oh my. If you want some sexy and a little mystery in your atmosphere, then Lexie Beary is the color for YOU. This shade is straight up fuschia and has the gorgeous tints of blackberry mixed in with a little raspberry. This is the color that shows off just how sophisticated and intelligent you are. Something about it’s darker side brings out in others this curiosity about you that’s just adorable! Don’t tell too much…a little mystery never hurt anyone! If anything, it makes you MORE attractive!





So, which heart is YOUR favorite? (Flavor, color and all...)








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