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I'm Vanessa and this is my Story.

February 6, 2018



Hey there.


I’m Vanessa and the beginning of my journey starts out during a long, wintery, cold season of just feeling lost.


Have you ever been there? Have you ever just felt lost?


There I was, 37 weeks pregnant with my precious third baby, a beautiful little baby boy in fact. We were headed into


one of those slow, wintery seasons. You know those kind. The ones where it’s easy to grow defeated if you’re not purposed, if you’re not feeling like you’re truly making a difference. I had just arrived to a wedding where I would spend the next several hours photographing what would be the most magical memory for that lovely couple. Weddings are supposed to be exciting, almost as if their expectancy of their own future pours a little hope into your own heart for yours, right?


Unfortunately, that was not the case for me.


I was miserable. I may have looked like I had it all together on the outside then, but I was walking weighed down on the inside. I desired so badly to be able to help my family financially. With every picture I took, the weight of my burden seemed to grow a little heavier. I didn’t know how much longer I could keep this up. I knew something was going to have to give before long, because with a baby coming and two sweet children already in my life, I couldn’t handle the demands of the business much longer.


I needed more and not just more financially.

I needed something to give me excitement over my own future again.


It wasn’t but a few weeks after the wedding that the Lord opened a door for me. The door at the time looked like coffee with a friend, some much needed mama time and maybe a long girl chat, but oh my word at how much this door actually held for me. As I walked into this quaint little coffee shop, curiosity grew as my friend began pouring her heart out about this company that she had found.


Get this.


It was a company that was obsessed with lipstick. And not just any lipstick. This was lipstick that literally lasted all day long without a single touch up. My friend couldn’t stop raving about how much this company had changed her life. She had no idea what I was feeling. My friend couldn’t have known my thoughts just weeks before at that wedding. It had to be the Lord and He had brought me to the place of desperation for anything that would help my family and give me some purpose.



And in walked Lipsense, like a new best friend or something.



At first, I was a little distant to the big picture idea of the business and honestly only saw the opportunity as a teeny way to maybe bring in a few extra bucks for Christmas shopping and last minute baby buys for my sweet little one coming into my world, but once I got my hands on the product and actually began using it for myself, something changed in me.


I was made aware to the fact of how amazing I feel when I actually put color on for MYSELF! It’s easy when you’re a mama to fall into the slump of yoga pants and no makeup (like, EVER), and so when all of these colors showed up to my day, I fell in love with taking care of ME again! The more I tried different shades and product, the more my excitement grew over it all. So much so that I found myself so giddy over wearing one of our colors to the hospital to give birth to my son! I mean for the love. I was placing orders on the WAY to the hospital.


This stuff was impacting my life in the most DRASTIC, amazing way possible.



The word tells us that what’s in a person’s heart will always end up on their lips and that is SO incredibly true. As time went on, my love for the company poured over into all of my conversations. I was actually feeling the weight of my family’s financial burdens being lifted. So much so that I could cry now just thinking about it! It was an answer to prayer by far, because as I shared, people actually believed me! Not only did they believe me, but they turned around and invested in the company just like I did. Before I knew it, three months had past and not only did I have an entire team underneath me, but I had qualified myself to earning a CAR.





Fast forward to now, only 15 months later, and here I sit. Overwhelmed at the Lord’s goodness. Overwhelmed at His beautiful favor and in awe of where He has brought me and my family. Because I found myself lost and in a coffee shop, desperate for change, my husband has now been able to quit his job and actually pursue something he feels called and purposed to himself. Our family has been blessed more through this business than I even have words to describe and it’s these words that come to mind as I reflect on the Lord’s goodness through my story.





“Now to Him who is able to immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to HIM be the glory forever and ever.”

Ephesians 3:20







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